Doculand UAE

Branch Office


If you have a foreign company and are planning to provide consultancy or service-related activities in mainland UAE, Doculand specialists can help you establish a branch. To establish a branch, the foreign company must appoint local service agent (an Emirati national). The local agent is not entitled to manage or operate the branch. However, they can, if asked, help the foreign company ensure its compliance with local laws and regulations, including yearly renewal of branch license and issuance of renewal of residency visas and work permits for branch employees. Doculand helps you find the most reliable local sponsors/service agents in UAE. Detailed contracts, side agreements, proper paperwork, transparent fees/compensation to be paid to local sponsors – we leave no stones unturned when it comes to finding the right local sponsor for your business. Our consultants connect you with the right sponsors who can invest positively in your company. 

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